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We accept original submissions of short fiction in any genre (up to 3500 words), both formal and free verse poetry (up to 50 lines) as well as works of creative nonfiction (up to 3500 words).


Submissions for


 are now OPEN

Submissions close Friday 28th June

Food, glorious food! The kind for your body and the kind for your soul – that’s what we’re craving for our August 2024 issue. Consider all those tastes and smells connected with memories of time and place; the many traditions, seasons and festivities connected with eating; hunger, thirst, longing, satisfaction and the host of other feelings related to our need to feed – all these ideas and more lie open to your creative interpretation and exploration through the art of poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction. So what are you waiting for? Tuck in!

Whatever’s on your plate, we can't wait to sample your work.


Please follow the Journal Submission Guidelines below. 
For any enquiries, please contact us at

For an example of the type of work we're looking for, please read our sample selection from our first issue:


  • To be considered for publication, your work must be submitted via our online submission form, here:

  • The submission form will ask you to attach your work as a Microsoft Word document. No other file types will be read by our editing team.

  • Please ensure the attached file bears the same name as the title of your work and that it does not contain your name or identify you in any way.

  • We ask that you format your submission using a plain, size 12pt font (e.g. Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman) with 1.5 line spacing.

  • In preparing your work for submission, take note of any advertised themes for our up-coming editions.

  • Be sure to edit and proofread your work thoroughly prior to sending it to inScribe.

  • You may submit as many works as you like, but please complete a separate submission form for each title (also bear in mind that sending multiple works does not automatically improve your chances of publication - quality over quantity is far more important).

  • Be sure to observe the maximum length of 3,500 words per story (fiction and non-fiction) and 50 lines per individual poem.



All submitting authors will be notified of the decision of the editorial team as to whether or not their submission has been successful. This decision is final, and dispute will not be entered into. 

All work accepted may be subject to minor formatting and proofreading alteration without notice. Permission for any substantive corrections or editorial changes will be sought from the author prior to publication.

Generally, we request that all submissions are of previously unpublished work. If you wish to submit work that has already appeared in print or online, please indicate when and where it was published, in the body of your submission email.

Copyright remains with author; however, inScribe journal reserves the right to re-print previously published works on our website and/or in subsequent print editions.

Should your work be published elsewhere after appearing in inScribe, we request as a courtesy that you acknowledge when and where it was first published with us.

inScribe journal is a not-for-profit venture; any money raised via subscription and sales will be directed into the ongoing running cost of the website and to improve the quality and availability of the journal.

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