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inScribe seeks to share thought-provoking commentary on the writing life and related topics of interest via our website. Commentary arising from a Christian theological perspective is particularly welcome but is not a strict requirement. Published articles might deal with such topics as:


  • issues of style and craft

  • discussion of forms and genres

  • the achievement of writers past and present

  • philosophical and theological ideas relevant to writers

  • writing and spirituality

  • the nature of creativity

  • social and cultural commentary

  • insights into publishing and contemporary media

  • book/film/theatre and TV reviews

  • interviews

Articles submissions can be made throughout the year. We are especially interested in intelligent and creative explorations of our scheduled bi-annual themes – articles that encourage thoughtful engagement with the theme, shedding light on its potential relevance to the life and work of creative writers.


Articles should range from 1000 - 3000 words in length.

Please email web articles to the Managing Editor:

Please email submissions to:

Please note, our website is not intended as a platform for social or political activism; however, we welcome an open and honest exploration of ideas and concerns (including insightful and substantiated critique), presented in a way that invites further conversation and reflection. You’ll know your article is on the right track if it aims to achieve any of the following:

  • To invite people to think

  • To encourage wider reading

  • To inspire people to write

  • To help people write better

  • To deepen writers’ faith perspective

  • To nourish the imagination

  • To learn by shared experience



  • In preparing your article for submission, take note of any advertised themes for our up-coming editions (articles are not required to fit the theme, but those that do may be given priority)

  • Be sure to edit and proofread your article thoroughly prior to sending it to inScribe

  • Email your article as an attached Microsoft Word document to the Managing Editor:

  • Please ensure the attached file bears the same name as the title of your work (or the first part of the title if too long)

  • Include the title (or part thereof) in the email subject heading together with the word 'article' – e.g.:
        The Gift of Creativity_Article
        Marilynne Robinson Review_Article
        Why Poetry Matters_Article

  • You may submit as many articles as you like, but please send a separate email for each title

  • In the body of your email, provide your full name and contact details (i.e. postal address, email address and phone number) together with a short (40-50 word) author bio. You may include links to author pages and other online profiles.

  • Be sure to observe the stipulated word length of 1000-3000 words per article.

  • We ask that you format your submission using a plain, size 12pt font (e.g. Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman) with 1.5 line spacing.



All submitting authors will be notified of the decision of the editorial team as to whether or not their submission has been successful. This decision is final, and dispute will not be entered into. 

All work accepted may be subject to minor formatting and proofreading correction without notice. Permission for any substantive amendments will be sought from the author prior to publication. Submissions requiring significant or substantial editing will likely be declined.

If your article has previously appeared in print or online, please indicate when and where it was published in the body of your submission email.

Copyright remains with author; however, inScribe journal reserves the right to re-print previously published works on our website and/or in subsequent print editions.

Should your work be published elsewhere after appearing in inScribe, we request as a courtesy that you acknowledge when and where it was first published with us.

inScribe journal is a not-for-profit venture; any money raised via subscription and sales will be directed into the ongoing running cost of the website and to improve the quality and availability of the journal.

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